Our ICT Ninjas Compete at Technovation Girls

September 2019

As part of our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program, we support rising stars to acquire skills that will give them the edge in the digital workforce. Our Ninjas are our most dedicated ICT students and are studying an advanced program.

Recently, four of our ICT Ninjas competed in the Technovation Girls annual coding competition.
The competition challenges girls all over the world to identify community problems, build a mobile application to address the problems and design a business plan to market the app.

Calling themselves ‘Agent Bring Help’, they designed ‘Cheery’; an app that supports people suffering with mental health issues. Amazingly, out of the 1900 teams around the world that entered, our ICT team made it all the way to the semi-finals!

Congratulations to our ICT team for this amazing effort.

The reason I joined the ICT course was because it creates many opportunities. Work in almost any field requires a command of computer skills. It makes studying and research more efficient and effective.

— Kanchna, 17, ICT Ninja

Our ICT course was developed in 2015 and embedded into the public school system. It has since provided over 17,800 high school students with basic ICT literacy and advanced computing courses, including programming and robotics, website design, graphic design, animation and gaming. We also developed the first ever online ‘learn to program’ course for native Khmer speakers.

With your help, we can continue to provide world class educational enrichment programs like this and help change the trajectory of vulnerable children’s lives.