Phearek’s Story – Reunited with his family

January 2018

“I really didn’t want to stay in the orphanage. I didn’t get warm care from the staff and I missed my father.”

15-year-old Phereak is one of eight siblings. When Phereak’s mum died, his Dad took him to an orphanage with 2 of his siblings.He stopped going to school and got involved with the wrong crowd, he missed his family terribly. On a trip home Phereak told his Dad how he felt, “Please don’t take me back to the orphanage, I want to stay with you.”

After months of counselling and consultations between Phereak and his father, CCT’s Reintegration Team reunited Phereak with his family. CCT’s reintegration model works with children and families for months before a child is reintegrated. Building family support networks around vulnerable families empowers them to bring their children home.

Today, Phereak is on his way to becoming a mechanic, his vocational training is fully funded by regular donors who support CCT. Phereak’s father receives 50kg of rice, clothes and other ingredients every month to support his children. CCT social workers continue to visit the family monthly, providing counselling, safety and empowerment plans and healthcare support. Ensuring families have access to these vital public services prevents vulnerable children like Phereak from facing adversity and keeps families together.