Out of abject poverty – Sineat’s Story

June 2021

After being diagnosed with chronic illnesses, Sinet and her husband’s mental and physical health was suffering. They weren’t able to work as much as before and subsequently couldn’t afford adequate healthcare. Their son, Lyhoung, was often sick due to a lack of nourishment and medical care. When Sineat became pregnant with her second child, they didn’t know how they could care for 2 children.

When the local authorities referred this case to CCT almost three years ago, the team sprung into action. Social workers provided food, crisis intervention and counselling. CCT nurses provided medical care for Lyhoung and supported Sineat through the last months of her pregnancy.

CCT’s Family Finance team then partnered with Sineat and her husband. They first focused on helping them move out of a scarcity mindset and proceeded to provide coaching in financial literacy skills, like budgeting, managing expenses, avoiding debt and goal setting. The coaching from CCT supported Sineat and her husband to expand from just raising chickens to growing vegetables and then opening a small grocery store. They soon started earning enough income to provide for their own family and pay for Lyhoung, 7, to attend public school.

After two years of financial support, Sineat and her husband are now self-sufficient. They agreed with CCT it was the perfect time to close the case. Today, the family are healthy, stable and happy. Sineat and her husband say that when life gets hard, they find a way to be positive because they want the best for their children. “We have hope for our future,” says Sineat.

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