Kammakor Village Slum Transformation

Lift families out of extreme poverty in Battambang.

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CCT workers walk over a large pile of rubbish with a large tractor in the background
CCT workers removing rubbish

14 vulnerable families were living in a slum in Kammakor Village in Battambang city. Some of the families had been squatting on this site for over a decade, creating untold damage to their physical and emotional wellbeing. The children living in these families weren’t enrolled in school and were suffering from serious physical ailments, including malnutrition.

Heng and Khanha’s Story

Heng, 10, and Khanha, 7, live with their mother Thy in the Kammakor slum. Their wooden cart surrounded by rubbish, mud and sewage is the only home they have known. Thy collects bottles to support her family, but the family often goes hungry.

Devid, Daven and Davy’s Story

Siblings Devid, 9, Daven, 8, and Davy, 5 live in the Kammakor slum with their parents. The boys want to attend school, but their parents have never had the means to help them attend.


The CCT Village Hive model is designed in partnership with the community to respond to situations exactly like this. The community worked together with the CCT team to clean up the site, remove the rubbish, drain the toxic waste, and fill in the site with new dirt.


CCT has built each family a colourful and safe shelter.

CCT’s social work and medical team have worked with all families to ensure they have access to all their basic needs. All the children are now enrolled in public school and are accessing other vital services such as nutrition, health care and daycare services from one of CCT’s Youth Centres.

A happy Cambodian boy standing in front of newly constructed housing
A happy Cambodian woman standing in front of newly constructed housing
A happy Cambodian child standing in front of newly constructed housing

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