A remarkable transformation – Sokhon’s Story

October 2020

When CCT first met Yorn Sokhon he was homeless, living between the grounds of his local Buddhist temple and his grandmother’s house.

Sokhon was an incredibly motivated 10-year-old. CCT helped him get through his primary and high school education, and he went on to achieve a full scholarship to University in Phnom Penh where he studied International Relations. Sokhon’s been consistently employed since leaving high school. He’s worked with USAID, for the local newspaper and teaching and now supports his own family back in Battambang.

Sokhon recently contacted CCT to request we stop supporting him, preferring instead to see these funds redirected. While the support from CCT has been invaluable in building a solid foundation for his achievements in life so far, he no longer needs our help.

This is his remarkable story.

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