Creating a promising future for her children – Trop’s Story

October 2020

Single mum Trop has always wanted the best for her children. Even when she struggled to put food on the table she made sure she could always pay for their education. Trop took on any work she could to support her family.

When CCT met Trop three years ago she had no stable income and was buried in debt. Anything Trop earned was used to pay back her debt, leaving her with barely anything to support her family. She lived with her four children in a small house with no toilet or electricity. More than anything Trop wanted to be free of her debt, but she didn’t have the skillset to help herself.

CCT began by providing Trop’s family with monthly food supplies, school materials and clothes for the children. Our construction team renovated their home, built them a toilet and connected electricity to the house. Our social workers supported Trop with counselling and CCT nurses provided the whole family with medical support. An important step was assisting the family to get ID cards, reducing all future medical costs. The support from CCT improved Trop’s physical and mental health dramatically.

Our Family Finance team is perhaps the most important link in the chain for families becoming self-sufficient. Every week they visit Trop and coach her in financial literacy and help her build her business. With these practical skills, Trop is able to manage her finances and feels secure in her goal of being debt free.

Today, Trop’s family are doing well. All four kids are healthy and thriving at school. Trop is working full time at a hotel as a cleaner while running her own business on the side, growing vegetables and raising chickens. She is now earning enough to support her family and no longer requires monthly food deliveries from CCT.

“My family life is so much better than before. I see a good future for my children now I can provide them with the support to break the cycle of poverty as they grow up”

With the right tools and resources, families have remarkable capacities to help themselves. Help us create sustainable futures for Cambodian families.

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