Ou Char Village Hive

The first year of operations in our first Village Hive community has demonstrated that it is indeed possible to integrate NGO services into the public sector, hand over control to local leadership, and still maintain a high level of service delivery for the families and communities. So far, the results from Ou Char’s Village Hive exceed what CCT achieved on our own when we delivered these services privately.



We bring you a report from Ou Char’s Commune Chief,

Em Sophal

I am very honoured that CCT invited me to share my thoughts about Ou Char Commune’s Village Hive.

Our Village Hive is a collaboration between Ou Char and CCT. The formal handover from CCT to Ou Char was in December 2022, but we have worked together hand in hand for quite a long time before that, nearly two years, since October 2020.

Em Sophal
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I am sure you already know about CCT’s mission not to run their programs privately but instead, integrate them into the local public sector so the Ou Char Council can take responsibility and lead our own social services programs.

The Village Hive in Ou Char Commune has one primary social worker who leads the social support services programs. She represents the Commune Council for Women and Children (CCWC). She is leading our Village Hive team. However, when there are high-risk cases, I and other council members join in to help and provide solutions to the cases. The Ou Char Council teams, all Village Chiefs, Police Chiefs, and many more teams are involved and work together for our Village Hive.

We have so much joy and happiness that CCT has provided us with more human resources, funds, and activities
to create the Village Hive that supports people in our Ou Char community.

We now have a community centre in our public school that supports children in crisis who lack education. Through that program, we provide support to children who are in need. We currently have 41 children enrolled in that program.

They come to get an education, and if they are absent, we have Project Officer Mrs Nov Leakena from CCWC, who investigates and assists those children back into the program.

We are on track and preventing every possible risk for those vulnerable children. We find the reasons why they are missing school, and if they face any problem in life or their family, we can now help them resolve it.

If children are falling behind in their studies and cannot catch up to their peers, we have staff who keep track of them and support them in every lesson they need. We now have staff in our public school who help vulnerable
children with homework and after-school care until 4 pm when they return to their homes.

The Village Hive is such a huge benefit for our community. As Commune Chief, I am so happy and full-hearted.

I am passionate about giving all my energy and full cooperation to our Village Hive.

We are the Ou Char leaders and are determined to serve our people with all the benefits they deserve.