Svay Pao Village Hive

We are proud to announce that a second Village Hive opened in Svay Pao Commune.

Svay Pao is home to 21,338 people, comprising 3,135 families, who live across four villages. It is one of the largest and most densely populated communes due to it being centrally located in the heart of Battambang District. It boasts the famous White Elephant Pagoda, established in 1904, the Provincial Museum, and the Psar Nat central market of Battambang.

Urban poverty levels are high in this commune with many slum dwellings by the railway line. It is also now home to the second Village Hive in Battambang District after the official handover ceremony on December 18, 2023.



We bring you a report from Svay Pao’s Commune Chief,

Hum Sokvannaroth

Our community is full of joy and happiness to welcome the Village Hive to our Svay Pao Commune.

I first learnt about CCT's Village Hive Project from our neighbouring commune in Ou Char. I did my research and asked around to get more knowledge and understanding from the senior leadership in Ou Char, who have experience working with this project for one year already, and I learnt from them that the Village Hive was doing so much to support vulnerable people.

Hum Sokvannaroth
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I am so happy that CCT also established a Village Hive in Svay Pao. We signed the handover MOU on the 31st of July, 2023, and have been running the Village Hive for four months now.

Already, we are seeing great results. The Village Hive is aligned with our government policy introduced by Samdech Thipadei
Hun Manet, Prime Minister of Cambodia. It compliments the government's low-income ID card scheme for families living in poverty who don't have jobs and uneducated children.

Before we had the Village Hive, one of our big challenges was that I needed more staff to do the outreach work to families in poverty. We only had one main social worker responsible for all four villages in our commune. When our citizens had problems, it was impossible for us to reach them in time.

With the Village Hive, CCT transferred their staff to Svay Pao, so we can now stay on top of all case management. We received two social worker staff members in our council office and four teacher staff members at our public school. I already have my whole team working on the Village Hive, too, and it has helped us a lot.

We are enrolling children in school and helping families to get stable jobs. We are improving our schools and health clinic. We have a Village Hive centre in Wat Kampheng Public School to provide vulnerable children with nutrition, life skills, computer classes, art classes, homework tuition, library reading, English language, storytelling, painting classes, and ethics classes.

We now also offer daycare services from our public school, so families have the opportunity
to find jobs and stable incomes and don't have to worry about their children's supervision.

All of the children supported through our Village Hive are safe, with physical and mental improvement. We are fostering intelligence, resilience and vibrant spirits. With this support, in the future, they will surely become good people in our society.

The Village Hive is helping vulnerable families who live in poverty through the early intervention seven-step program.

These families don't have sufficient skills and struggle to maintain secure incomes. Their children face barriers to receiving an education. So far, the Village Hive is working directly with 28 of these families, 114 people, in Svay Pao Commune who are experiencing extreme hardship.

For me, collaborating with CCT on the Village Hive is such a great privilege. Seriously, establishing this project has been as easy as can be. It really has provided more help to our community than we could have ever asked for. Now that we have the Village Hive, no matter how hard the challenges our community is facing, it is no problem for us to help.