Public Health Services

Village Hive Project

Public Health Services

Investing in public health generates cost-effective physical and mental health outcomes that are fundamental for prolonging and improving quality of life and contributing to a healthy and prosperous society. The Village Hive strengthens public Village Health Clinics to prevent disease and promote the health and well-being of everyone in the community.

The Village Hive strengthens public Village Health Clinics through four key activities.

Partnering with public Village Health Clinics and improving infrastructure

The first activity is to support the clinic in a Village Hive community to conduct their own assessment of their facilities.

This involves looking at whether they have safe, hygienic and fit-for-purpose infrastructure and facilities for all clinic activities and ensuring adequate infrastructure to accommodate people with disabilities. Next, a budget and plan are drafted to conduct repairs and renovations.

Improving public Village Health Clinic equipment and supplies

Supporting the clinic to conduct their own assessment of their equipment to ensure it is adequately resourced to manage the community's health care needs.

This involves ensuring an adequate first aid inventory and equipment, nursing kits, PPE, hygiene supplies, Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) information, nutritional support for chronic patients, baby formula and nappies.

Resourcing and supporting nurses and public Village Health Clinic staff

Ensuring the nurses and clinic staff are adequately supported to perform their roles.

This involves providing additional nursing staff, supporting training and coaching and resourcing for Village Health Volunteers.

Improving public Village Health Clinic services

Supporting the clinic to ensure the clinic services can respond adequately to the community's needs while promoting a preventative approach to public health.

This involves preventive health education workshops, a home nursing service, management of acute and chronic conditions, family planning, and facilitating connection to hospitals and specialty health services.

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