Vy’s Story – The power of specialist care

June 2020

One of the key functions of CCT is providing vulnerable children and their families direct access to services and facilities they desperately need. Our Village Hive model gives families the opportunity to access the many services available to them that will make a tangible and remarkable difference in their lives.

When CCT first met Vy he was severely malnourished and in need of medical attention. CCT social workers knew he would require the knowledge and care of a specialist paediatric hospital.

After seeing a general paediatrician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist and general surgeon from Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Vy was given prescription glasses and had his tongue tie released.

Vy has since begun forming words and is able to chew food properly. With nutritional support, he has gained weight and his increased ability to communicate has improved his concentration.

Vy was enrolled in our Youth Centre pre-school and his abilities steadily increased. Soon he will return to Angkor Hospital for Children for corrective laser eye surgery. Next, we will support his family in enrolling Vy in public school. His parents are thrilled with his progress, growth and development.

Over 18 months we have seen the direct, tangible impacts of these simple medical interventions. Vy’s life has improved dramatically and his parents are delighted to see their son so strong.

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