Access to life-saving medical treatment – Yeab’s Story

February 2021

Yeab was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, but couldn’t afford to pay for surgery or treatment. Her husband had just died and she was the sole breadwinner for her family. With mounting debts and poor health, Yeab worried about what future she could provide for her teenage daughters Sreynich and Samnang. She thought she had no option but to send her daughters to an orphanage so they could finish their education.

After getting this case through our Hotline, our socials workers and Medical Outreach Team began working with the family. With support from the CCT Medical Outreach Team, Yeab had surgery and started chemotherapy.

Over a year later and Yeab is in remission. She is feeling positive about her family’s future. Yeab earns a living through collecting and selling vegetables at the local market. Now her health has improved, she can work more and earn a steady income to support her family and keep them together.

When families fall on hard times, our social workers help them to devise their own solutions, stay together as a family and reach a future where they can provide for their own children, independent of CCT.

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