Sarin’s Story – Bringing her children home

October 2019

After 4 years in an orphanage, Sarin’s children are finally home. And they couldn’t be happier.

But this is only the beginning of the positive changes happening at Sarin’s family home recently. Her small farm has started generating income and our CCT Construction Team have started work on improvements to Sarin’s house including a new bathroom. Our Family Finance team began training Sarin in financial literacy to help the family manage their finances.

To ensure Sarin had the means to care for her children well into the future, she needed support to establish a sustainable and secure income.

For the past two years, CCT’s Family Finance team have been providing Sarin with twice-weekly coaching and support. Teaching families about budgeting, making smart purchases, savings planning and goal setting empowers them with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty, permanently.

These two years have been transformative for Sarin and her children Dary and Dara. Her small-scale farm is now turning a profit and Sarin feels her family is almost completely self-sufficient.

We put family participation at the centre of everything we do⁣. A little goes such a long way in Cambodia, it only takes 9 donors to make a small contribution of $65 AUD a month to reach an entire village like Sarin’s!
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